All the energy bill help and free money you can claim NOW

MILLIONS of households are eligible for free money to help with rising energy bills.

With the price cap set to increase this winter, now is the time to check out what help you can get.


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Energy experts at Cornwall Insight predict energy bills for typical households will reach £3,553 from October 1.

The prediction comes just days before energy regulator, Ofgem announces what the energy price cap will rise to on Friday August 26.

Other forecasts suggest energy bills will hit £4,649.72 in January and £5,341.08 from April.

If you’re struggling to pay your bills, there’s extra help.

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From energy providers providing subsidies to direct government support – we list what’s on offer.

And if you’re eligible for all of that, it could be worth up to £2,335 – but what you get will depend on your circumstances.

Here we explain what you could get and how to apply.

Energy Supplier Grants – up to £1,500

Energy providers are offering cash grants to those hardest hit by rising bills.

Households can get up to £1,500 in grants from the British Gas Energy Trust to help pay their bills.

Scottish Power will pay up to £750 in grants to help customers pay off their energy debt.

Bulb has already offered its customers grants worth £140 to help with rising bills.

The amount may vary depending on your provider and your situation.

Ask your provider what’s on offer and how to apply, or check here:

Energy Bill Discount – £400

The government has announced that every household will get a £400 cut on their energy bill from October.

The money does not have to be repaid and it will be paid in six installments from October to March.

Households will get £66 off their bills in October and November and £67 off their bills in December, January, February and March.

Those with a credit meter and a smart prepayment meter will be paid automatically and will have the discount added either as a credit to their account or as a refund to their bank account.

How the rebate is paid will depend on your energy provider.

If you are on a traditional prepayment meter, you will receive a redeemable energy bill discount voucher or Special Action Message (SAM) the first week of each month, delivered by SMS, email or post.

You will then need to exchange them at their usual charging point.

Council Tax Refund – £150

Since April, 80% of households in AD tax brackets have been eligible for a £150 council tax rebate to help with the cost of living.

If you pay your council tax bill by direct debit, your local authority should have already paid you in cash.

According to the government, 97% of households that pay by direct debit received the payment within three months of the launch of the reimbursement scheme.

If you pay by another method, you will need to request the discount from your town hall.

Most councils expect you to apply on their website for the money.

You can check your local council’s website and social media pages for more information on reimbursement.

Household Support Fund – up to £150

Local councils are distributing money to help households struggling with bills and other essential costs.

How much you can get depends on where you live and in many areas.

To qualify, you will generally need to be a recipient of tax support.

You can search for yours using the search tool on – just enter your postcode.

Local councils also offer year-round welfare schemes which can help you with the bills.

Warm Homes Discount Scheme – £150

You can get £150 off your energy bills with the Warm Home Discount scheme.

You will need to have one or more of the following benefits to qualify:

If you receive the benefits listed above, you will not have to apply under the new scheme.

You will automatically receive the rebate and your energy supplier will deduct it from your bill.

Cold Weather Payout – up to £75

When temperatures drop, low-income households can get a £25 payment.

These cold weather payments have already been made at several locations where residents have experienced sub-zero weather conditions.

Payment is made automatically, including for those on Universal Credit, for each seven-day period of low temperatures between November 1 and March 31.

In colder regions, three £25 payments have been made so far this winter, totaling £75.

Check if your postal code is eligible for a payment and make sure you received it if you were eligible.

Fuel vouchers – £50

If you are on a prepaid meter, you may be able to get a one-time voucher to top up.

The fuel voucher program is provided by the charity Fuel Bank Foundation and is offered by various organisations, such as food banks and Citizens Advice.

The best place to start finding a place that can offer you a fuel voucher is to ask your local council – you can find yours via by searching for your postcode.

The voucher should help you cover around two weeks of electricity use.

Some energy companies may also issue their own vouchers, so ask your supplier directly.

Emergency Credit – £10

Energy companies usually offer emergency credit, but you’ll have to pay it back.

How much you get and how it’s applied will depend on your provider.

It may be added to your meter when you fall below a certain amount or you may need to request it.

You could get a supplement if you are vulnerable, for example if you have a health problem or are over the legal retirement age.

You will have to refund the money the next time you top up, but you can talk to your provider about how much you will refund and over what period.

Check other benefits and help you can get

It should also be noted that millions of Britons are being deprived of the benefits to which they are entitled, amounting to billions of pounds in total.

Benefit calculators can help you check what you may be entitled to.

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There are several benefit checker tools you can use – here’s our guide.

If you are worried about falling behind on your bills or are in debt. there are many organizations where you can get free advice, including:

All the energy bill help and free money you can claim NOW

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