Former X Factor star calls for series change amid reboot rumors

Ancient X factor Star Lucy Spraggan has called for a massive change to the show amid rumors that a reboot is on the way.

The singer, who appeared on the show in 2012, said in an interview with Subway that if there is a reboot, then the show needs to undergo some pretty big changes.

“There would have to be a massive change,” she said of the show.

“I really want to be a part of this change and I’ve had conversations that I can’t really talk about right now but being a part of this change so that’s really positive,” she added. .

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She also opened up about what it’s like to live life after appearing on the popular talent show.

“It’s really different growing up in the public eye. You can never undo X factor“, she said, “People will always say, “Are you that girl out of X factor?’ Even if you look completely different, people will still ask you.”

“I look back on it – there were some really tough things that I went through, but I’m sitting here right now because I did it,” she added.

The X factor is known for producing some of Britain’s greatest musical talent. One Direction, Leona Lewis, Olly Murs and Little Mix are all products of the popular singing show.

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As for how contestants are treated on the show, Lucy thinks The X factor must do a better job of taking care of his talent.

“They need to deal with people and they need to be more candid about the trauma of fame. I think they need to get candidates to say, ‘What do we need to do here? Ex-competitors [should say]’How can we improve this for others?'” she said.

digital spy reached out to The X factor for comment.

As for whether the series will return, rumors swirl that there will be a reboot, and judge Simon Cowell all but promised that The X factor will definitely come back.

Former X Factor star calls for series change amid reboot rumors

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