LONDON, ENGLAND - AUGUST 26: Striking postal workers attend a rally outside the Mount Pleasant mail centre on August 26, 2022 in London, United Kingdom. More than 100,000 postal workers walk out across the country today in a dispute over pay. Members of the Communication Workers Union (CWU) voted in favour of strike action by 97.6 per cent in the ballot, in the biggest strike of the summer so far. (Photo by Guy Smallman/Getty Images)

When the postal strike is this week, and the full list of planned Royal Mail walkout dates

Royal Mail workers said its ongoing series of walkouts was ‘the UK’s biggest strike since 2009’ as it began industrial action last Friday.

The leader of the Communications Workers’ Union (CWU) said more than 115,000 postal workers were on strike for pay, with members gathering outside Royal Mail offices across the country.

Another walkout follows this week, and there are two more strikes in September – here’s when the next walkout will take place and its impact on postal services explained.

When is the postal strike this week?

After Friday’s walkout, this week The Royal Mail strike takes place on Wednesday August 31.

It means postal services are particularly disrupted this week, with deliveries across much of the UK also being severely restricted on Monday August 29 due to bank holidays in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Here are the full dates for Royal Mail’s planned strikes:

  • friday august 26
  • Wednesday August 31
  • Thursday, September 8
  • friday september 9
There will be major disruption to postal services on strike dates (Picture: Reuters)

How is the post affected by the Royal Mail strikes?

Royal Mail says it has “well-developed contingency plans, but they cannot fully replace the day-to-day efforts of its frontline workforce”.

This means that a major disruption to postal services is inevitable on any scheduled strike dates and therefore Royal Mail is advising people to:

  • Publish articles as soon as possible before strike dates
  • Continue to drop items off at mailboxes or post offices, but be aware that collections will be less frequent on strike days.

For most people, the biggest impact of the walkout is that Royal Mail will not deliver any letters these days except those sent by special delivery.

Special delivery parcels will also be given priority, although Royal Mail adds: ‘However, we cannot guarantee delivery of all items by 9am or 1pm the following day.

Safer royal mail

“We will therefore suspend the next day guarantee for items sent the day before, during the strike and until our services have returned to normal.

“Customers will not be able to claim compensation for items delayed during this time.”

Royal Mail has also promised to “prioritize the delivery of Covid test kits and medical prescriptions where possible” when strikes take place, alongside other Tracked24 parcels.

Any shipment deposited in mailboxes or post offices the day before, during or after the days of the strike is likely to suffer delays.

The majority of post offices are expected to be open on the dates the walkouts speak, though a small number will be affected by the CWU action.

There’s more comprehensive advice on post office disruption here, while you can check your local via the branch locator here before you go.

Royal Mail has pledged to increase its network capacity and dedicate additional resources to ensure services return to normal after strike days.

Mail deliveries – and collections from businesses, post offices and post office boxes – are expected to resume the day after each strike.

The CWU said the Royal Mail strike was the biggest in the UK since 2009 (Picture: Getty Images)

Why are Royal Mail workers on strike?

CWU General Secretary Dave Ward said his members voted 97.6% in favor of the strike in a ballot after management “forced” a 2% wage increase on employees but ” was rewarded with record bonuses.

He told the PA news agency: ‘It’s excessive pay, and our members have just lost complete faith in the actions of the company, the board, and they’ve lost faith in the leadership and people will only understand when they see the way the company has conducted itself.

“The company made record profits last year: £758m. They gave over £400m to shareholders, they rewarded themselves with huge record bonuses for hitting their financial targets, and then imposed a 2% wage increase on postal workers.

“In a context of galloping inflation, skyrocketing energy bills, this is simply not acceptable.

“Postal workers in the UK are one of the last pillars of our society. We will fight to ensure our members get the pay they deserve.

Royal Mail CEO Mr Thompson has denied the accusation that the company’s money has been returned to shareholders, saying the ‘Covid-19 bubble has burst’.

He told BBC Radio 4 on Friday: “Since the business has been privatized in terms of dividends we have paid out £1.9billion, but in terms of pay rises over this period we have contributed £4.8 billion and I would also just like to say that over the last three years we have spent £900 million on the future of our team building infrastructure for parcels so that we can compete and win in the market.

“But our reality is that the Covid bubble has burst, and we can see the economic situation around all of us. And our reality today is that we are losing a million pounds a day.

Mr Thompson said he was open to talking to unions ‘as long as this discussion is about change’, and apologized for the ‘disrupted service’ during the first strike.

The CEO added: “What is actually on the table at this stage is 5.5% which would cost us around £230m. And that’s an extra £230m in a business that is currently losing £1m a day. »

When the postal strike is this week, and the full list of planned Royal Mail walkout dates

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