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easyJet blocks compensation claim blaming snow on runway on 23 degree day

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In recent years, airlines have been inundated with claims for compensation and reimbursement. If not for the pandemic and restriction-related disruptions, then for the resulting staff shortages in the European aviation industry. However, occasionally there are other more common reasons for delays and cancellations, such as weather. Meanwhile, one can imagine the surprise of some easyJet claimants when the airline denied their claim due to snow on the runway…in August.


Three hours and three minutes late at Gatwick

On August 15, the weekly easyJet Jersey (JER) flight U25104 to London Gatwick (LGW) was delayed by more than three hours. The scheduled departure time was 8:45 a.m., but the plane, an Airbus A319, did not push back the gate until 12:12 p.m. Under UK flight delay compensation rules, airlines may be required to provide compensation if the flight arrives more than three hours late, which U25104 did – by three minutes. For a short-haul flight, the amount would be £220 ($258).

However, the right to compensation depends on the cause of the delay. Disruptions caused by extreme weather conditions, strikes by airport or air traffic control employees or other “extraordinary circumstances” do not warrant compensation. Meanwhile, it’s safe to say that passengers on the JER – LGW flight on August 15 were somewhat perplexed when easyJet denied their request due to ‘snow on the runway’ one day reaching 23 degrees Celsius.

The airline initially denied the allegation citing snow on the runway as the cause of the delay, Photo: Airbus

Trail closed for snow removal in August

According to the Jersey Evening Post, the response included in the assessment of the denied compensation claim was as follows:

“To explain in more detail what happened that day; JERSEY had to close its runway for snow clearing, causing flights to stay overhead for long periods of time or divert to other airports. Some flights had to be cancelled, others suffered delays. We do take reasonable steps to avoid delays and cancellations of our flights by having replacement crews and spare aircraft available in our In the circumstances, these options were not possible as the delay to your flight was a direct result of adverse weather conditions.

A spokesperson later said it was due to human error, but the real reason was still bad weather. Photo: Getty Images.

The weather is always to blame, so no money

A spokesperson for the airline said passengers were given incorrect information due to “human error”. However, they would still not receive any compensation as the reason for the delay was heavy fog and low clouds. They added,

“We are sorry that passengers received incorrect information regarding the precise weather conditions that caused the delay. Our operations control center manually records the reason for the delay in our system, and so it is as a result of a human error.Nevertheless, the fact remains that the compensation is not due because the delay is due to weather conditions.We always pay the compensation when it is due.

Have you ever applied for and received compensation for a delayed flight? How easy or difficult was the process? Leave a comment below and share your experience.

easyJet blocks compensation claim blaming snow on runway on 23 degree day

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