Lufthansa’s first Boeing 787 is due for delivery today

Lufthansa is preparing to take delivery of its first Boeing 787 tomorrow. According to a post on the airline’s Instagram story and confirmed to Simple Flying by the airline, D-ABPA is expected to depart Seattle around 4:00 p.m. local time before arriving at the airline’s Frankfurt stronghold tomorrow morning.

The Boeing 787 entered revenue service over a decade ago, which means Lufthansa is way behind the party when it comes to the Dreamliner. But we say better late than never, and Lufthansa must now take delivery of its first Boeing 787 before it undergoes a cabin upgrade at Frankfurt Airport.


The 1st delivery is imminent

Assuming all goes according to plan, delivery of Lufthansa’s first Boeing 787 Dreamliner is just hours away. The German flag carrier will take delivery of the jet later today at 4:00 p.m. PDT.

The jet is due to land in Frankfurt tomorrow morning. Photo: Lufthansa

After delivery, the aircraft will fly to Frankfurt Airport, Germany, as LH9921, where it is due to land tomorrow morning. It looks like Lufthansa won’t make much of the jet’s arrival in Frankfurt. He must go directly to a maintenance hangar where he will spend several weeks taking delivery of his new cabin.

Simple Flying will be at Frankfurt airport tomorrow morning to cover the arrival of the plane.

The German airline has yet to confirm the 787’s entry-into-service dates. So far, we know the aircraft will begin operating domestic routes in Germany for crew training. Once the long-haul aircraft, its first intercontinental destination will be Toronto.

About the plane

Lufthansa’s first Boeing 787-9 will be registered D-ABPA and will bear the name “Berlin”. Although the plane is delivered “like new”, it is already three years old. According to, the plane first flew on August 27, 2019.

At some point, Vistara was to take delivery of the aircraft from Lufthansa (not pictured). Photo: Vincenzo Pace – Single Flight

Lufthansa is the third airline interested in this particular jet. Hainan Airlines was originally scheduled to take delivery of the aircraft before it was passed on to Vistara. As the two carriers failed to take delivery of the aircraft, it was up for grabs and the German flag carrier jumped at the chance to take it. In total, Lufthansa has ordered 32 Boeing 787s, which are to be delivered by 2027.

Boeing delivers its first 787-9 in over a year

The delivery of Lufthansa’s first Boeing 787 will be significant in more ways than one. First, it’s always a great occasion when a carrier takes delivery of its first aircraft of a model. This is especially true for a large carrier like Lufthansa.

Boeing is slowly resuming 787 Dreamliner deliveries after more than a year of hiatus. Photo: Vincenzo Pace – Single Flight

However, it is also a key milestone in Boeing’s return to 787 Dreamliner deliveries. Due to regulatory issues, the American aerospace giant had to halt deliveries of the jumbo jet for more than a year. The Lufthansa aircraft will be the fourth 787 to be delivered since deliveries resumed earlier this month. However, it will be the first Boeing 787-9. According to, the other three aircraft delivered to date are,

  • August 10 – American Airlines – Boeing 787-8 – N880BJ
  • August 15 – American Airlines – Boeing 787-8 – N876AL
  • August 26 – KLM – Boeing 787-10 – PH-BKH

Are you excited to see the delivery of Lufthansa’s first Boeing 787? Let us know what you think and why in the comments below!


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Lufthansa’s first Boeing 787 is due for delivery today

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