Historic day: First Lufthansa Boeing 787 Dreamliner arrives in Frankfurt

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Lufthansa has reached an important milestone with the arrival of its first Boeing 787 “Dreamliner”. The first of the German airline’s 32 mid-size 787-9 jets landed at its hub at Frankfurt Airport (FRA) at 11:02 a.m. this morning, after a 9.5-hour flight from Boeing facilities in the US state of Washington.

Long to come

If the plane’s delivery flight from Paine Field (PAE) was long, it’s nothing compared to the wait Lufthansa had to endure to get its hands on its first 787. Indeed, data from ch show that the aircraft, which bears the registration D-ABPA and the name Berlinfirst flight in August 2019.


However, a combination of factors has meant that the German flag carrier’s new jet has already celebrated its third anniversary before being delivered. It should be noted that before being assigned to Lufthansa, the aircraft was not taken over by both Hainan Airlines and Vistara. Nevertheless, the recent interruption in the delivery of the type has made the carrier wait perhaps a little longer than he would have liked.

However, with 787 deliveries having recently restarted, Lufthansa announced earlier this month that it would receive its first Dreamliner before the start of September. This comes more than six months after its initial release from the factory. Either way, with the 787 featuring a new business class cabin, it’s certainly worth the wait.

The plane made a spectacular low pass along the Frankfurt runway. Photo: Tom Boon | single flight

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The first of 32

The arrival of D-APBA represents the first of 32 Boeing 787 deliveries that Lufthansa plans to support in the coming years. All of these will be the mid-size variant of the 787-9, which, with nearly 900 orders, is comfortably the most popular version of the Dreamliner. Lufthansa’s second 787, registered D-ABPD and named Frankfurt am Mainshould also be delivered in the coming months.

Lufthansa placed its order for 32 aircraft for the Boeing 787-9 in three stages. In March 2019, it initially committed to 20 of the type, before adding five more in May 2021. A year later, seven more joined the order book, along with seven 777-8 freighters. On the network side, Lufthansa will initially deploy the 787 nationally, before launching long-haul services to Toronto.

Landing! Photo: Tom Boon | single flight

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Focus on the delivery flight

Let’s finish by looking at the nature of D-ABPA’s delivery flight from Paine Field to Frankfurt. According to data from, the three-year-old twin-engine jumbo jet left Washington state at 4:28 p.m. local time. This was nearly an hour late from his scheduled departure time of 3:30 p.m.

During its eastward transatlantic journey, D-ABPA flew over much of Canada before passing south of Greenland. The final legs of his journey took him over the British Isles and the Netherlands before landing at his home in Frankfurt at 11.02am local time.

Before landing in Frankfurt, the plane put on a show in front of the huge crowd of observers gathered outside the perimeter fence. After descending to 5,000 feet, the aircraft first flew over the airport adjacent to Runway 18. It then circled to line up with Runway 07R. However, he did not land. Instead, he made a slow passage of the track a few hundred feet, at times appearing to hang from a cable. After this maneuver he again circled for a full stop landing on the runway. The delivery flight, which cruised at 41,000 feet, climbing to 43,000 feet in the final hour, lasted a total of 9 hours and 34 minutes.

What do you think of Lufthansa finally receiving its first 787? Are you excited to see the guy go into service once his cabin is configured? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Historic day: First Lufthansa Boeing 787 Dreamliner arrives in Frankfurt

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