Chilling clues in ‘long-lost’ note that helped unravel 40-year-old murder mystery

HERE are the chilling clues to the “long-lost” note that helped unravel a 40-year-old murder mystery thanks to a breakthrough from the Teacher’s Pet podcast.

Australian investigator Paul Curby said there were a number of “discrepancies” in the note Chris Dawson wrote to police explaining his wife Lynette’s disappearance.


Chris Dawson left a note for police explaining the disappearance of his wife Lynette in 1982Credit: 7NEWS
The former teacher and rugby player was arrested in December 2018


The former teacher and rugby player was arrested in December 2018Credit: 7NEWS

He said the note – which was given to Teacher’s Pet producers midway through the show – revealed that the heartless Dawson had created his own narrative to hide his actions.

Detective Curby told The Australian in 2018 that it didn’t take long to “find the change in language and the potential deception” in Dawson’s 1982 letter.

He said the convicted killer revealed how his relationship with Lyn was at breaking point, but they had a good couple’s therapy session and were “holding hands” hours later.

Recounting the events of January 9, 1982 – the day after Lyn disappeared – Dawson called their daughters “the girls”, which Curby says indicates that Friday and Saturday were emotionally taxing for him.

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He said: “The statement indicates that Friday night through Saturday is a very sensitive area for him, and more likely when a crime is committed.”

Curby also said Dawson’s avoidance of naming the people he claimed he contacted to search for his wife was another “red flag,” as was the omission of pronouns from the letter.

“I don’t see any pronouns. He doesn’t say ‘I contacted all his girlfriends’.”

Dawson was found guilty of killing Lyn to cover up a secret affair with his babysitter after a seven-week trial with new witnesses and evidence.

NSW Supreme Court Justice Ian Harrison said there was ‘no doubt’ housewife Lyn died around January 8, 1982 ‘as a result of an act conscious or willful committed by Christopher Dawson”.

The 33-year-old disappeared from her home in suburban Sydney, Australia in 1982 and was recently the subject of 2018’s true crime podcast The Teacher’s Pet.

In December 2018, Dawson was arrested by Australian police after the Teacher’s Pet podcast and media interest helped gather evidence against him in connection with the murder of his wife.

Judge Harrison dismissed claims that Lyn had abandoned her husband and children to disappear without a trace or that she had been spotted alive and tried to contact her husband.

Dawson denied the charges against him and pleaded not guilty during the two-month trial. His lawyers have vowed to appeal.

Delivering his verdict, Judge Harrison said: “I am satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that the telephone call material and the observational evidence do not establish that Lynette Dawson was alive under the circumstances to which they relate. report separately.

“I am satisfied that none of the alleged sightings were genuine Lynette Dawson sightings.

“My conclusions in this regard were based primarily on the incidents considered individually.

“The evidence as a whole convinces me that Lynette Dawson is deceased, that she died on or about January 8, 1982, and that she did not voluntarily abandon her home.”

The 73-year-old former Sydney rugby league player and teacher has been charged with murdering his wife and disposing of her body because he was ‘in love’ with one of his babies – teenage sitters.

Opening his trial on Monday, Crown Attorney Craig Everson SC said Dawson called his wife a “fat, ugly b****”.

He told the judge that Dawson entered into a consensual relationship with his babysitter, known only as JC, and repeatedly asked her to marry him.

JC moved into his home days after he disappeared and they eventually married in 1984 and separated six years later.

Dawson reportedly attempted to sell his Bayview home without his wife’s permission, briefly moving to Queensland to start a new life with JC before returning to Sydney.

Judge Ian Harrison was told Dawson was considering hiring a hitman to get rid of his wife, but decided against it because “innocent people would be hurt”.

Dawson, who now lives in Queensland with his third wife, bizarrely claimed he spotted Lyn in the background of an episode of the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow filmed in Padstow, Cornwall.

Much of The Teacher’s Pet podcast, produced by The Australian, focuses on Chris Dawson’s relationship with his former student, known as JC, who he began a relationship with when she was just 16. year.

Dawson moved the schoolgirl into the family home to care for her two children and Lyn while she was still alive.

The husband announced that his pupil would be living with them, which allegedly sparked a violent argument.

In a 1998 police interview that appears on the podcast, JC describes how Dawson allegedly took advantage of her and how she eventually agreed to marry him after he continued to harass her.

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JC began sharing Dawson’s bed just two days after Lyn disappeared.

It took him six weeks to report his wife missing, explaining her absence by suggesting she had joined a religious cult.

Verdict comes more than 40 years after Lyn's disappearance


Verdict comes more than 40 years after Lyn’s disappearanceCredit: Getty
Dawson was charged with murdering his wife to start a new relationship with his babysitter


Dawson was charged with murdering his wife to start a new relationship with his babysitterCredit: 7NEWS

Chilling clues in ‘long-lost’ note that helped unravel 40-year-old murder mystery

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