Woman’s Attempt to Roast ‘Healthy’ in an Air Fryer Leaves Her Baffled

One of those ways is to use an air fryer, rather than a typical oven, to prepare the meal. So, Rebecca Astill recently decided to try this new trend for herself and was surprised with the result.

Writing about her experience for BirminghamLive, she began: “Like most Brits, I love a roast dinner. I was lucky enough to grow up with mum making one pretty much every Sunday without fail, and that got me addicted.

“One of the biggest sadnesses of moving out of my parents’ house was missing out on those weekly roasts. But on a limited budget and with energy costs higher than ever, it’s just not possible to make a whole roast for me. Based on an hour’s equivalent of cooking a roast chicken, potatoes and vegetables, using an electric oven costs 60 pence, that’s a lot for a meal, especially if you try to do this every week.

“But there may be an alternative. I calculated, using an energy cost calculator, that running my Ninja Air fryer for an hour would only cost 43.4p. That’s 16.6p less, and these days every little adds up could be the solution to putting roasts back on the Sunday menu, at a bit more affordable fare.

“Air fryers also use around 70% less fat, so there’s also the added benefit of fewer calories. I headed over to Tesco and picked up the ingredients, before attempting a roast dinner in an air fryer.

“Here’s how I did it.”


“I’m not sure what I expected from an air fryer roast, but it definitely wasn’t quite as good. The chicken was the main event, it was perfectly and evenly cooked, with crispy skin. and moist meat..

“Even next to the bone, none of the meat was pink, everything was an even, uniform color. The aroma of lemon and thyme had slightly seeped through, leaving a barely identifiable scent.

“Elsewhere on the plate, the potatoes were perfectly crisp thanks to a fairly small cut, and the carrots were caramelized on the outside as if roasted in the oven. The only disappointment was the broccoli which was overcooked – definitely something to work on.

“I got rid of the sauce, using Bisto, but that brought the whole dish together perfectly. If you had served this meal in front of me, I would never have guessed that it was prepared in an air fryer rather than an ordinary oven, nor that it was a low-fat alternative.

“The golden, crispy skin of the chicken speaks for itself.”

How does an air fryer work?

“A kitchen appliance that cooks everything an oven can do, but with fewer calories and less energy expenditure, surely that’s too good to be true? I’ve never looked back.

“Air fryers work using convection heat, circulating hot air to cook food. This creates the effect of fried food without the need for oil.

“While a reasonable investment to start with, air fryers will eventually save you money when it comes to energy costs.”

Which Air Fryer Should You Buy?

“In my personal experience, I’ve only used two, but I can recommend both for different reasons. My personal favorite is the Ninja Air Fryer AF100UK which is on sale now for £99.99, down from its usual price of £129.99.

“It’s easy to use and has four options: air fry, roast, reheat and dehydrate. The Ninja Air Fryer is easy to clean (which can be a problem with other air fryers) and is large enough to make several servings.

“I also used the Proscenic T22 Air Fryer on Amazon. It has 13 presets including fries, fish and meat, so it’s great for beginners and is also slightly larger than the Ninja Air Fryer .

“If you have a large family, it’s worth investing in the Ninja Dual Zone Air Fryer, which gives you two baskets. They really pay for themselves after a few months of consistent use.”

Woman’s Attempt to Roast ‘Healthy’ in an Air Fryer Leaves Her Baffled

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