The common diet trick is a MYTH and has no impact on weight loss

IF you’ve been trying to lose weight, you may have tried the old “breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper” diet.

The idea is that you eat most of your food earlier in the day, which some have linked to lower obesity rates and shedding extra pounds.


Researchers have found that the metabolism burns as many calories in the evening as in the morning.Credit: Getty – Contributor

But a new study has found that eating like this isn’t a way to blast fat.

Scottish researchers have found that the time you eat actually has no impact on weight loss.

They discovered that the metabolism burns as many calories in the evening as in the morning.

The only benefit of eating more food in the morning is that you feel less hungry later in the day, which could mean you snack less, researchers say.

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The research, published in Cell, monitored the diets of 16 men and 14 women over a four-week period to see how their weight was impacted by what time of day they consumed the most calories.

Each person was given the same healthy diet, but half were forced to eat the majority of their calories at breakfast and the other half at dinner.

After two weeks, everyone switched, so people who ate the majority of their calories in the morning now ate them later in the day, and vice versa.

The University of Aberdeen researchers found that the time when people ate the most calories had no impact on the amount of weight lost.

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Each person in the study lost the same amount of weight in each of the four weeks, suggesting their metabolism burned as much energy in the morning as it did in the evening.

The study’s lead author, Professor Alexandra Johnstone, added that participants felt their appetite was ‘better controlled’ on days when they ate a larger breakfast and they ‘felt fuller throughout’. of the day”.

“It could be very useful in the real-world environment,” she explained.

How to lose weight quickly

According to the NHS, to get the best possible start on your weight loss plan, there are 12 steps to follow:

1. Don’t skip breakfast

2. Eat regular meals

3. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

4. Be more active

5. Drink plenty of water

6. Eat fiber-rich foods

7. Read food labels

8. Use a smaller plate

9. Don’t ban food

10. Don’t hoard junk food

11. Reduce your alcohol intake

12. Plan your meals

However, Prof Johnstone, added that when it comes to ‘timing and diets’, there ‘probably won’t be one diet that suits everyone’.

“Understanding this is going to be the future of diet studies, but it’s something very difficult to measure,” she explained.

Weight loss is different for everyone, but the one method that works across the board is to be in a calorie deficit.

A calorie deficit occurs when you consume fewer calories than you use in a day.

Everything you eat and drink brings calories to your body as it is digested and absorbed.

Your body uses calories to keep your organs healthy, your tissues healthy, your breathing, your heart rate, and every movement you make.

If you’re worried about your weight, it’s worth talking to your GP about how you can shift weight in a healthy way.

Meanwhile, scientists may have discovered how to turn off our cravings for fatty foods – offering hope for new treatments for obesity and binge eating.

By “switching off” a neuron that connects the brain to the intestine, the experts managed to prevent the mice from craving fatty foods.

That’s because it’s the gut that drives our desire for high-fat foods — and not necessarily the taste itself — the researchers found.

Last week, a leading expert revealed the foods you should avoid for breakfast – and his own go-to meal.

Dr. Michael Mosley has revealed that slimmers should start the day with eggs, just like he does himself.

However, processed meats should be eaten “sparingly” and “in small amounts”, Dr. Michael said.

But the worst choice for someone trying to lose weight is cereal, warned Dr. Michael.

These are “loaded with sugar,” he said.

The common diet trick is a MYTH and has no impact on weight loss

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