Drivers have warned that a particular type of car insurance can be 70% more expensive

DRIVERS are warned that a particular type of car insurance can cost 70% more – here’s what you need to buy to save £100.

Liability insurance is often a go-to for young, at-risk drivers, as well as those who don’t want to spend too much on coverage.


Liability insurance is often the go-to for cheap cover – but is it really that cheap?Credit: Alamy

But, it’s now 73% more expensive than comprehensive car insurance for an average driver – and motorists are encouraged to check their policy’s price tags.

Drivers aged 21 or younger could save an average of 11% by opting for comprehensive insurance over liability insurance.

And while drivers with motoring convictions may pay a little more on average for comprehensive insurance cover, they only save a few pounds by opting for this rather than third party.

Car insurance comparison website, which conducted the research, says it suggests many convicted drivers are potentially risking thousands of dollars to save pennies.

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The organization said the average premium for third-party cover is also increased by the fact that higher-risk drivers tend to opt for it.

Despite inflation in repair costs, estimated at 11%, data shows that 8% of drivers in the UK still choose third party cover, year after year 2021/2022, which does not include repairs for damage to their vehicle.

The data also reveals the regions with the highest proportion of drivers opting for liability insurance.

London (10%) and South East England (8%) top the list for third party only and third party fire and theft, although they only cover damage to third party vehicles.

According to a report on motor vehicle crime, nearly 900,000 people were caught driving without insurance in 2019, which equates to 1.59 offenses per 1,000 people.

Just over 74% of these uninsured drivers were under 40 years old.

Driving without insurance can result in a driving ban and an unlimited fine.

Greg Wilson, founder of car insurance comparison website,, said: “With the cost of living rising, drivers need to be on the lookout for savings wherever they can.

“As counter-intuitive as it may seem, third-party auto insurance is often a more expensive option for many drivers, and it also puts people at risk of additional financial damage, so we always recommend comprehensive coverage, if possible, especially when it’s actually a cheaper policy for many drivers and the cost of parts and repairs are rising.

“Young drivers are considered more of a risk in the eyes of the insurer because they haven’t had time yet to collect data that would say otherwise, but that doesn’t mean young drivers can’t shop around and find a more affordable vehicle. premium.”’s advice to reduce insurance costs

· Improve security: Most cars are now equipped with anti-theft devices such as alarms, immobilizers, but drivers can install a tracker, dash cam and anti-theft wheel nuts inexpensively, reducing the risk of theft and reduces premium prices.

· Downsize your vehicleInsuring a smaller vehicle is usually cheaper than insuring a larger car with a more powerful engine, and some insurers also offer a discount if you buy a hybrid or electric car.

· Limit your mileage: lower mileage often reduces the risk of an accident, which results in cheaper insurance.

· Stop the modules: modifications, and even decals/branding can increase insurance premiums by increasing the value of the vehicle or alerting potential thefts to certain desirable contents such as expensive tools or equipment inside.

· Choose the best time to change: Around three weeks before an insurance policy renews, this is the ideal time to look for renewal quotes – they are usually the cheapest at this stage.

· And drive safe: Accidents and penalty points can increase insurance premiums. Opting for black box insurance is a good way for young drivers to be rewarded for safe and responsible driving and gives the insurance provider data on which to base their quote – something young drivers are often penalized for.

Drivers have warned that a particular type of car insurance can be 70% more expensive

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