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Wolves sign Diego Costa ready to go wild in the Premier League

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The former Chelsea striker, who was a free agent after leaving Brazilian side Atletico Mineiro, made a big splash when he signed a one-year deal at Molineux.

Now the 33-year-old says his return to the Premier League has invigorated him as he gets to know his new team-mates.

“It’s a top class club with very good players who know how to play football and having the chance to play in the Premier League again was the main thing,” Costa said.

“Obviously the club influenced my decision, especially knowing that I will be able to adapt much more easily here not only from a technical point of view, the quality of the players but also the fact that a lot of players are Portuguese and that will make my transition much smoother.

“It was not on the best possible terms due to the injury of a player to whom, unfortunately, I can only wish the best for him.

“But when he (Bruno Lage) told me about his return to the Premier League, because it’s a league I’ve bonded with a lot, I always liked and followed him. No matter how much I loved playing in Madrid, I felt discouraged, but it motivated me, it lit this fire in me.

When asked what fans can expect from him, Costa’s message was clear.

He added: “What they can expect from me is dedication, will, discipline and goals, which I will try to bring to the team to thank all the support and all Confidence Scoring goals, doing my best, giving my all Finding my place as a person, as a player and understanding how I really feel because it’s a big challenge It’s not an easy challenge because you are not going to play in an easy league and you cannot play the way you want. It is a very demanding championship, physically demanding, and it is something to test me and I am ready to give it a shot .

Costa last played on December 5 before ending his contract with Atletico Mineiro in January.

Although he has been keeping fit in the gym, he will need time to get up to speed and the former Spain international says head coach Lage has assured him he will have that time.

Costa said: “We talked about football. I explained how I felt because I’m incredibly motivated and ready to play again. I know I can help, but I also explained my current situation, which means that I need my time.

“I asked him not to rush into things in the sense of planning things that don’t always go to plan because that would mean I wouldn’t be able to help in the way I wanted. He was very understanding. He is an excellent manager and someone who has done an excellent job.

“I said to myself if I could do it, if I was physically and mentally ready for this new challenge – difficult, I know that for sure – but mentally I’m fine. Physically and psychologically, I will need two to three weeks to get back in shape but that’s normal since I haven’t done much in a while but I know I can do it.

“If I had ever doubted my potential because of what I did – and thank God I had a fulfilling career – and I had nothing left to give, I would not have accepted this challenge because I have a caring team and if I said yes to that, it’s because I think I can bring something to the table.

Costa also brings his experience to a young team as a two-time Premier League and La Liga winner.

The player, who turns 34 next month, is eager to help out Wolves’ young talent if he finds a moment to offer some advice.

He added: “Of course, I’m happy to help. I don’t want to be a pain. I’ll talk to someone if I notice they need advice.

“I prefer to speak with someone when they are not well because I don’t see the point of offering advice if someone is well. If they’re okay, leave them alone. If someone ever asks you for advice, you offer it, but I don’t like to get involved.

Wolves sign Diego Costa ready to go wild in the Premier League

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